Purpose-Built AI & Technology

Artificial Intelligence For Human Interaction

The use of AI for Human Interaction is transforming the caliber and efficiency of our live online learning experience. AI has helped to improve quality, enhance personalization, decrease cost, and achieve operational efficiency. Our 大象传媒 technology infrastructure called AI for HI庐 has enabled us to reach the milestone of delivering more than 10 million hours of live one-on-one tutoring and deliver high-quality live online learning at scale.

Image courtesy of Chuck Cohn via MidJourney


Curating the Best Experts

Our technology-driven automation process allows us to scale a thorough interview and assessment process. Our rich database of past learning interactions help identify the critical traits, knowledge, and experience that correlate to better Learner outcomes. Thousands of hours of recorded video interviews are leveraged in conjunction with predictive algorithms, machine vision, human-based processes, and diagnostic testing to identify the best Experts.


Connecting Experts and Learners

Our machine learning algorithms and AI technology allow us to intelligently connect each Learner to the Expert who best fits their unique needs. Algorithms consider over 100 attributes and millions of data points to identify the Learner-to-Expert matches with the highest probability of a successful outcome. The net effect is a 4.9/5 average session rating by customers.


Adaptive, Personalized Learning

Our Learner-centric approach is designed around each individual and is based on their specific learning goals, current knowledge, and learning styles. Using machine learning and supercharging the experience with AI, we鈥檝e built the capability to assess and continuously re-assess what a Learner knows or doesn鈥檛 know about a given subject, which results in a more effective and efficient learning experience and higher customer engagement and trust.


Collaborative Interaction

Human-to-human connection occurs through our purpose-built technology platform specifically designed for online learning. It features a collaborative work space, two-way video, subject specific tools, the ability to share and upload files, and more. All sessions are recorded so that Learners can rewatch what they learned or reference their sessions later.

AI-Generated Lesson Plan Creator

Our lesson plan creator produces a range of content for Experts, including in-depth suggestions on how a lesson might be structured, how content could best be leveraged, how time could be allocated, as well as allowing for the generation of unlimited practice problems and solutions. This platform capability enables Experts to further personalize content and instruction in every tutoring session and more efficiently prepare for each lesson, which has proven to drive a better learning experience and improve learning outcomes, as well as saving Experts time. With this new technology, Experts will now have the ability to help ensure every single tutoring session can benefit from highly relevant and unique content across thousands of different subjects and millions of tutoring sessions per year.