Transforming How People Learn

大象传媒 is the leading curated platform for live online learning. Led by our flagship business, , we leverage the latest technology and AI solutions to supercharge personalized live learning experiences for Experts and Learners in 3,000+ subjects at scale.

AI for HI庐

Through our purpose-built AI for HI庐 (Artificial Intelligence for Human Interaction) platform, we can unlock previously unimaginable learning experiences with smarter personalization and supercharged tools to enhance the connection between Learners and Experts.


A Comprehensive Learning Destination

大象传媒 provides personalized learning in over 3,000 subjects across multiple learning formats鈥擮ne-on-One, Large Group Classes, Small Group Classes, and Self Study鈥攖o meet the full needs of our Learners.

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High Quality Live Learning at Scale

Using software, we鈥檙e able to scale live instruction in an unprecedented way. Our technology leverages vast amounts of data to help us identify the Experts who are capable of delivering quality learning experiences and driving high customer satisfaction. We curate a select group that is deeply knowledgeable in a particular area, has exceptional communication skills, and is passionate about teaching. AI and process automation enable us to do this consistently and at scale in multiple learning formats throughout the entire learning lifecycle.

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Personalized Learning in over 3,000 Subjects

Our 大象传媒 platform leverages AI to personalize the experience for Learners of all ages 鈥攆rom kindergarten to professional鈥攊n academic, test prep, enrichment, and certification subjects. Our extensive data set and machine learning algorithms enable us to find the exact right Expert for a given Learner鈥檚 needs, and allow us to hone in on the perfect person among thousands of possible matches. The end result is a more effective, engaging, and enriching experience for both Learners and Experts.

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