A Purpose-Built Platform for Online Learning

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Learners meet with a handpicked Expert on our Live 大象传媒 and get highly personalized, effective, and convenient instruction in over 3,000 subjects. Post-session recordings are available to review and preserve what was covered, and on-demand help is available at a moment鈥檚 notice.


Small Group Classes

With an average class size of 5-15 Learners, our Small Group Classes provide Expert interaction, collaboration, and lessons tailored to the group. Small Group Classes are ideal for Learners seeking structure in a social environment, and Experts adapt pacing and content to the needs of each Learner. Hundreds of classes are available in a range of academic, test prep, and enrichment subjects.

Live Large Group Classes

Taught by subject-matter Experts from a vast range of topics, our live large format classes offer Learners of all ages a convenient and engaging way to learn. Large Group Classes accommodate 500-50K+ Learners and range from a single session to three weeks. Our popular StarCourses are taught by celebrity Experts, and have featured actors, an astronaut, a neuroscientist, professional chess player, and more.

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Self Study

Our adaptive assessments help establish a baseline of knowledge for Learners, allowing them to focus on their biggest problem areas. An extensive library of practice problems aligned with academic standards, videos, and self-reflection tools empower students to advance at their own pace. Most powerful when combined with tutoring and classes, our self-study tools help build an adaptive roadmap for smarter studying.

Instant Tutor Chat

Some questions can鈥檛 wait for your next tutoring session. Leveraging the latest in generative AI, members receive 24/7 help from our new AI Study Buddy chat experience. More than 15 years of tutoring know-how feeds our advanced AI for the support you need, when you need it, in any subject. Plus instant help users have the ability further enhance their chat by continuing with live experts instantly available to help with a range of key subjects.

Engaging Learning Tools

Our content is designed to foster a love for learning and help learners of all ages achieve their academic goals. Immersive games make learning fun, promoting active engagement and retention. Test prep tools provide targeted practice and feedback to prepare learners for academic success. Essay review promotes writing proficiency through personalized feedback from expert educators. From math to reading, languages to coding, our platform provides a comprehensive approach to learning.

Varsity Tutors for Schools

Varsity Tutors for Schools gives districts access to 1-on-1 private tutoring, small group tutoring, our purpose-built Live 大象传媒, and more. By working with schools to find the right tutoring solution for their needs, closing both the learning gap and the opportunity gap is within reach.

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